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Even though 21st century has just begun, mankind is facing a tremendous odyssey. For no one can really foresee how future fundamental technological upheavals will affect the lives of individuals. The earth, at any rate, is making us as a community increasingly aware of the ongoing plundering of its resources in the form of natural disasters that are no longer tearing down.

Surrounded by constant digital noise, the way we live together is also changing significantly. Although digitalization practically enables us to exchange information on a permanent basis, paradoxically this development tends to lead to isolation. Basically, everyone is sitting on their own in a small space capsule on a mission to unknown stars and, in the remoteness of space, is defencelessly at the mercy of their thoughts and questions about their own relevance.

With their new album „Spectra“, Flares try to capture this theme of confrontation and base the structure of the album on the seven spectral classes, i.e. the visual classification of stars. On this occasion, it seemed appropriate for the band to go back to their early days, when it was still necessary to decide in which direction to steer or whether the music should be based on any parameters at all.

On „Spectra“, the band uses mostly their very first riffs and sketches, which were written before their first EP „Levitation“ from 2008, and underlayed the now for the first time formulated songs completely with vocals.

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